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Victoria can’t sleep she’s so excited! Her uncle (my brother) arrives tomorrow with his wife and his 2-yr old. Victoria is completely head of heels for him, she’s always been, it’s so funny.

Today she told me, that at the airport she’s going to run and jump on him and her dream of loads of piggyback rides will come true tomorrow.

A few photos of the 2 of them through out the years…

He's a great uncle and now an awesome dad

2007- Lincoln, UK

2010 when they came for a visit

2010 when they came for a visit in London

In SP, Brasil 2011

In SP, Brasil 2011

It’s so lovely to see a little kid so happy. Even if they don’t see each other all that much!

Shout Out


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Yesterday I had a haircut. No, I’m not adding a selfie here because whenever I want one, it never comes out right. Plus it’s Friday and I am knackered, so my face isn’t selfie material right now.

But I just want to say that it was a new experience to me. What do I mean by that? I mean, I’ve been to many different hair salons before… Well, off of N 83rd Ave, they have this little complex, where you go in and all the stalls are mini hair salons. The hairdressers open their own businesses, which I am assuming is cost efficient, since it’s usually the owner working, maybe another person to help.

The corridors look like that, one big waiting room.

The corridors look like that, one big waiting room.

Magazines by each sit

Magazines by each seat

Telly in front of the seats and by the doors, do you see the suite number and business cards?

Telly in front of the seats and by the doors, do you see the suite number and business cards? Also, each door is locked by a code, kindda like some lockboxes realtors use.

But going back to the hairdresser. The name of the salon I went to is “The Final Cut Hair Salon”, I thought it was cute, I got my voucher on Groupon, because I wanted to find somewhere new, and I think Groupon is a good way to do that. Rachel is the owner, she called straight back, sent me a txt 2 days before then called again to confirm the appt. Great service.

Rachel is super nice, gives her professional opinion, makes sure you are both on the same page on what you want and delivers. I highly recommend her. Ah, it’s by appointment only and she’s very busy.

The Talk


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Well… not Thee Talk… but The Talk, mind you, I have a 7-yr old, so what is important to her is Father Christmas/Santa/Saint Nicholas, you get it…

A little background on that story… when she was very little and starting to barely understand things in life, I went through a dilemma, whether to even start this whole Father Christmas things or simply not. I was leaning towards the not bother, but Paul really wanted her to experience it and convinced me that we should. In the beginning I just felt like it was silly, but went with it. Mind you, we lived in England, and the English LOVE all that stuff! They seriously do, they lap it up like there’s no tomorrow, so, as Victoria grew, Santa would come each year and deliver the presents. There is (was) NO QUESTION in her mind that he exists. Even when other kids would tell her that he wasn’t real, she’d argue. Even Paul last year decided that she was too old to still believe in Santa, started telling her, but she’d argue and get him in a corner that he’d just stop. I on the other hand always thought she had to find out for herself, start thinking about it and make her own conclusions and this was the year.


On the way to school this morning, Victoria asked me point blank if Santa was real, and invisible, or just super fast that we couldn’t see him, ever.

She caught me off guard, really, I mean, come on, at 7:30 in the morning??? In a sunny and hot August day?

Anyways, so my speech went something like this: Santa is real for those who believe in him. He lives in everyone’s hearts and the what they call the miracle of Christmas is what makes Christmas special. Jesus was born on that day, bla, bla, bla. “But what about the presents?” Victoria asked. Well, parents all over the world are the ones working on Christmas night to make it special for their kids. “Oh, so all the parents are elves!”… well, I guess you can call it like that… or just parents placing the presents under a tree… “Yay, you’re an elf!” and then I got a big hug, and she went off dreaming that if she ever woke up in the middle of the night to help me put the presents under the tree, she could be an elf as well…


Trying to get everything Wrapped before School was out

In conclusion, I’m not really sure that my talk worked, she was happy and excited about Christmas just the same. We’ll see when December comes along…

Photo from some random house in Phx, last year

Photo from some random houses in Phx, last year

It’s the Random Little Things, Like…


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… Your husband being in hospital for a major stomach surgery and your neighbors and parents from school who offer prayers and help with your daughter…

… You go to pick up your daughter from day care one day and this random boy comes up to you and gives you a hug…

… Or the other little girl who looks at you in the playground and says: “Hey, I know you!”, then I ask from where and she says that it’s from school (of course). She asks me to watch her on the monkey bars and when the bell rings she thanks you with a kiss and a hug…

… After seeing that your own daughter is in the safe hands of her friends at school, this little girl who was lost just looks at you and says: “I’m a kindergartner” and after finding out that she had no clue where she had to go, you make your mission to deliver her to the right teacher as they were lining up…

… 2 nurses that made their mission to ensure that your husband was well taken care of at the hospital, after another *!#@$ nurse left him in excruciating pain for almost 2 hours the very first night after the surgery…

… Your daughter’s laugh when she beats you at Lego Star Wars…

That make life worth living!!!!!



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