It’s the Random Little Things, Like…


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… Your husband being in hospital for a major stomach surgery and your neighbors and parents from school who offer prayers and help with your daughter…

… You go to pick up your daughter from day care one day and this random boy comes up to you and gives you a hug…

… Or the other little girl who looks at you in the playground and says: “Hey, I know you!”, then I ask from where and she says that it’s from school (of course). She asks me to watch her on the monkey bars and when the bell rings she thanks you with a kiss and a hug…

… After seeing that your own daughter is in the safe hands of her friends at school, this little girl who was lost just looks at you and says: “I’m a kindergartner” and after finding out that she had no clue where she had to go, you make your mission to deliver her to the right teacher as they were lining up…

… 2 nurses that made their mission to ensure that your husband was well taken care of at the hospital, after another *!#@$ nurse left him in excruciating pain for almost 2 hours the very first night after the surgery…

… Your daughter’s laugh when she beats you at Lego Star Wars…

That make life worth living!!!!!


Help! Facebook won’t leave me Alone!


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I admit, I’m a Facebook addict and I’ve been clean for 9 days, 4hrs & 4minutes.

It hasn’t been easy, but I took the challenge to not log in for 99 days… The first week was the worst, seriously, it was bad, but I unloaded the app from everywhere, logged off and although I was craving it, I’ve been strong.

One thing I didn’t count on was… Facebook keeps sending me emails with updates from my friends. When I used Facebook, I always had these settings turned off so I didn’t receive emails from Facebook all the time, so I know for a fact I shouldn’t be receiving emails.

Mean Facebook, mean…

And the 2014-15 School Year Starts


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I still find weird that the school year starts in August. I grew up with the school year starting in the beginning of the actual year, but hey, no biggie.

The other day we did a vision board on what Victoria expects of her second grade. She said she wanted her teacher to be “nice” and “happy”, she came home all excited today, saying her teacher is very, very nice and happy. She is really ecstatic.



2014-08-11 14.38.25


2nd Grade Pancake

Breakfast – rainbow pancakes

<Idea for the pancakes shamelessly stolen from this blog here.>

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